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  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is a statutory organization established by an Act of Parliament. The Chartered Accountants Act 1949 (Act No.XXXVIII, 1949) regulates the practice of Chartered Accountancy in India. The Institute is under the administrative control of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The ICAI, the second largest professional organization of Chartered Accountants […]

  • IIBF offers a platform for professionals in the BFSI sector to improve their skills and increase their opportunities. IIBF is constantly updating and upgrading its courseware in order to meet changing market demands. The IIBF is a leader in teaching banking-related knowledge in India. It has teamed up with National Institute of Securities Markets, a subsidiary of […]

  • Tradewave
  • We know the frustrations that beginners face when trading. That is why we are here. This platform allows beginners to feel confident trading. Our educational training programs make it easy to access all types of professional trading courses. Our educational training plans prepare students to trade by ensuring proficiency in technology and sharing our knowledge.

  • ProfitPiratres institute
  • We provide professional instruction worldwide and a variety of study materials. These courses are for novice and experienced traders who want to be able to use professional trading techniques and tools just like professional traders on Wall Street. The courses provide a comprehensive education and training experience that focuses on trading fundamentals and technical analysis. They […]

  • Professional Traders Academy
  • Trading is an art. You can learn this skill by practicing, practicing and practicing. Our students are encouraged to practice in the right direction. Technical Analysis includes reading charts and predicting price movements. Technical Analysis is a better method to predict price movements than Fundamental Analysis. Technical Analysis predicts the market’s short- and medium-term price movements. The Institute was […]

  • New Delhi YMCA
  • To ensure that the YMCA continues to be relevant and help to build a better Delhi, the New Delhi YMCA exists to guide, empower, and assist YMCA members in New Delhi. Established in 1927, the New Delhi YMCA has been a vibrant, youth-oriented, service-oriented organization in Delhi. The organization structure reflects YMCA values and best management practices. […]