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  • Cogito Training & Counseling Centre
  • We are a Mumbai-based corporate training solutions services firm. Our focus is on providing training solutions in the Attitudinal and Psychology, Psychology, HRD, Soft Skills, and Behavioral areas. We also offer Psychometric Assessment and Counseling. Since 2000, we have been providing training and consulting services to our growing clientele. Prof. Praveen Sing and his team […]

  • ICHARS is dedicated in helping coaches and mental health professionals create happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. They provide comprehensive, step-by–step training that helps them to develop their coaching and therapeutic skills. This allows them to better serve their clients and achieve their personal and professional goals.

  • Cognizavest
  • Our journey began in 2018 and we have reached certain milestones since. Cognizavest is proud to announce that it has been recognized by the Government of India as a DPIIT startup. We are proud to announce that Cognizavest has successfully managed more than 500 events, and that 15000+ clients have been served in the last 2 years.

  • Pragyan International University
  • Pragyan International University was established on the foundation of progressive academic principles. It is proud to continue the tradition of pioneering higher education for India, which was based on International models. To ensure its global presence, the University maintains high standards. Pragyan International University’s academic program is compared to professional and academic standards. Courseware is constantly reviewed to meet […]

  • Indian Institute of Psychology and Research (IIPR)
  • Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, a top educational institution in Bangalore, is the Indian Institute of Psychology and Research. The institute offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Psychology. This university is India’s oldest and most respected. It has been graded A by the National Assessment and Accreditation Boards. In 2004, IIPR was established with the […]