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The art of storytelling is used by business people to motivate and engage their teams, excite customers and attract investors. Dale Carnegie used storytelling to connect with people. This book will teach you how to communicate effectively with others. Dale Carnegie has been improving business and individual performance for over 100 years. Although our training methods continue to improve, […]

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Influencing Skills/Leading With Influence and Persuasion
Persuasion is a delicate art. However, it's a highly effective skill. Half of your job will be done if you are able to persuade people. Persuasion takes more than just the gift of gab. This skill can be learned in two days by Step Learning. It includes factual knowledge about what you are discussing and the ability to present your points at just the right time. This course is designed for senior and mid-level executives.
Cities: Mumbai,
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 2 days
Employment: No

We are a Mumbai-based corporate training solutions services firm. Our focus is on providing training solutions in the Attitudinal and Psychology, Psychology, HRD, Soft Skills, and Behavioral areas. We also offer Psychometric Assessment and Counseling. Since 2000, we have been providing training and consulting services to our growing clientele. Prof. Praveen Sing and his team […]

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