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Koenig Solutions Pvt

Koenig was established in 1993 and is one of the most trusted IT training organisations in the world. Koenig has offices on all continents, except Antarctica and South America. Koenig has locations in the USA, Canada, UK Netherlands, South Africa and South Africa. Our vision is to make the world more just and prosper through education.

This is possible by making IT Education easily accessible worldwide.

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Negotiation Skills Course Overview
Course description: Contrary to popular belief, negotiation does not mean trying to win an argument in order to get the best price. It is about achieving a win-win scenario so that both the seller and buyer are satisfied with the deal. Healthy negotiation strategies aim to resolve customer problems and provide the best solution to ensure customer satisfaction and personal and organizational success. This includes resolving customer pain points to maximize customer value and not negatively impact the relationship with the buyer. Healthy negotiation is not easy. Salespeople often deal with emotions and unreasonable arguments.
Course type: Online
Availability of a certificate: Yes
Employment: No
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 16 hours
Frequency of visiting classes:
Type of training: Online
Course broadcast type:
Workshops: Yes
Checking homework: Yes
Graduation project: No
Employment: No
What will I get from this course? :
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  • Mike

    An area where your loads are unloaded so that you can solve them with the help of a highly efficient team.

  • busya

    Good for upgrading yourself to new technology.

  • sa563ac

    Less time upgrade. You will be pressured by management to perform, or you are fired.

  • Ron

    This company offers real peace of mind, and the work environment at Ed-Tech is the best.

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