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National Headquarters B4-101 Lunkad Daffodils, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra - 411006 (India)
Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India)

Rear Admiral P. D. Sharma, and Mrs. Kavita Sharma moved to Pune, India in July 1997. The Admiral witnessed the tragic accident in which a school bus crashed into the river and jumped the rails at Wazirabad bridgenear Delhi. This led him to create an organization that could help people learn lifesaving skills. Some children were able to swim to safety while others were in shock, and others drowned in the water. A fisherman was nearby, and he recovered the bodies of the children and put them on the banks of the river. The children’s death due to lack of first-aid was both a tragedy and an opportunity that required immediate attention. On August 2, 1998, the Admiral founded Rashtriya Life Saving Society (Indian) . This was officially recognized by the Charities Commissioner in 2001. The Society, headed by Admiral Sharma, has been helping Indian youth to learn skills that will enable them to assist someone in need. The Society trains young people to respond to accidents on both land and water.

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Open Water and Beach Lifesaver
Course description: A Lifesaver can rescue a drowning person and keep himself/herself safe. They are also capable of first aid and CPR. Open Water Lifesaver training teaches you how to safely enter natural water and how to rescue drowning victims in ponds and other natural bodies. There are many ways to safely approach a victim in the water, rescue him/her and then revive him/her. This training covers all aspects of first aid, including underwater search. INDIA requires large numbers of "Open Water Lifesavers" to make it safer and eliminate the stigma that " Life in India is expensive".
Cities: Maharashtra,
Course type: Offline,
Availability of a certificate: Yes
Employment: No
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 30 Hours
Frequency of visiting classes:
Type of training: Offline,
Course broadcast type:
Workshops: Yes
Checking homework:
Graduation project: No
Employment: No
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