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Manthanam - Kunnamthanam Road, Thiruvalla, Kerala 689581
Splash And Swim

Mr.Isaac Thomas owns the “Splash and Swim” swimming pool. This pool offers a great opportunity for all ages to learn how to swim. Dr.Philipose Mar Chrysostom was the first to open the pool.

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Enthusiastic swimmers
Course description: To offer excellent health benefits such as increased cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength & lung capacity, flexibility, etc. You will be able to improve your life skills, such as sportsmanship and time management, self-discipline and goal setting, as well as your self-worth. To promote relaxation and stress relief. To offer a workout that places very little strain on the joints. To make you live longer and more powerful.
Cities: Kerala,
Course type: Offline,
Availability of a certificate: No
Employment: No
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 15 days
Frequency of visiting classes:
Type of training: Offline,
Course broadcast type:
Workshops: Yes
Checking homework:
Graduation project: No
Employment: No
What will I get from this course? :
Price: Rs. 2300
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Last reviews for "Splash And Swim"
  • Rick picK

    Worst experience with authorities

  • Ronw

    It is located in the middle of a rubber plantation and it is very nice. The instructor was very friendly and helpful. It is a great place to spend time with your family, as the pool isn't too deep.

  • Ryans Gerame

    It is affordable, but it has all the necessary conveniences. It was fun.

  • Janets

    Very good

  • Thomas

    Although the pool isn't deep, it is a great place to have fun and swim. The instructor is friendly and teaches well. It's not very expensive.

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