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227, Sec B, Second Floor, B Block, 'Elysium Campus, Church Rd, Anna Nagar, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625020
Elysium Group of Companies (EGC)

Our Elysium Group of Companies was established in 1999. We have been a leading company in South Asia in the field of engineering, doctorate and other sciences & research since our inception.
Elysium Groups established Elysium Embedded School to help our students learn about the latest trends and problem-solving skills needed to get job interviews. Our track record is unparalleled in offering both digital and conventional training methods. Students can make a difference in their core areas through our workshops, seminars, campus to corporate connect, etc. Students from all parts of the country are welcome to join us in order to improve their careers and be part of the Embedded Revolution.

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Early Robotics
Course description: Robotics is the Future's Advantage: Robotics can be used in any environment. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence by machine, particularly computer systems. These processes include reasoning, learning, and self-correction. AI applications combine expert system, speech and machine vision. Additionally, Arduino Boards can be designed with a variety microprocessors or controllers. It is an open-source electronics platform that relies on simple-to-use hardware as well as software.
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2 Months
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Type of training: Online
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  • Wilbert

    University is the most beautiful campus. It has lots of helpful and friendly staff.

  • Rubuke

    Stellies is a worst place

  • thomas struzel

    Great place to learn! Beautiful countryside and a safe area.

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