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Our team comes from many backgrounds including engineering, finance and industry. However, our common goal is to improve the way people spend money. Many of our members are native speakers of multiple languages and have lived in different countries. They have also had success in global companies such as Google, Morgan Stanley, and Barclays.

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Last reviews for "LUNO"
  • Peter

    Luno has a great reputation for being a trustworthy and secure company that takes good care of its customers.

  • Ramlee

    Excellent platform for Investment Crpyto. It is easy to use and to purchase.

  • Delsy

    I'm new to luno. I made a deposit to my tyme account on the 6th. I've been waiting for it on my luno bank but nothing. I tried to get in touch with the helpers but they demanded proof of payment. I sent notification on my payment and reference. I don't know how to proceed. I wanted to accomplish more with this app, but I'm now disappointed.

  • Mel

    This company is not trustworthy. Please be aware before you use them. They held the transaction pending for more than 12 hours after I sent some Bitcoin. I emailed support to resolve the issue and they locked my account in it was my money. If you are interested in a partnership, I will need my money back. Do not trap me and make excuses for my inexplicable verification. Before I could use it, my account was verified up to the limit.

  • Jason

    I cannot believe all the lies Luno is telling me about security. I have been trying to withdraw money from my luno account since the beginning of the month, but nothing has happened. I have been asked to provide proofs, which I did every time. I'm tired of waiting and can't get my money. I will report this case to the police. Because of the experience I have had with luno, I urge you to be careful. All I want are my funds, which I put in myself.

  • Siti

    LUNO has made my life easier. Transactions are faster and more efficient.

  • Sadarun

    After I lost several thousand dollars in Bitcoin investments, I did some research and found luno to be a trustworthy company.

  • Thabang

    I am unable to verify my account. The app keeps telling me that there is another account. Please help.

  • Anira

    It is very simple to use and good quality. It takes very little time to withdraw or deposit money into your account.

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