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National Stock Exchange of India Ltd., Exchange Plaza, C-1, Block G, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E) Mumbai – 400 051
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National Stock Exchange of India

India is today brimming over potential, powered by millions of dreams and hopes. We at NSE are driven by the same ambition that drives India to take a greater place on the international stage.

Our mission is to help India’s growth story through creating investment opportunities, access and empowerment of our stakeholders. To make an impact on the investment ecosystem, we work smarter, faster and harder. We constantly reinvent ourselves in order to create a better future for a world changing by the second.

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    Their teaching style is very friendly, which creates a positive environment for students.

  • bhaksaar

    If you have any personal issues that affect your learning, they can be helpful. You can adjust class times, miss sessions, etc.

  • Harsh

    The best online institute. I would recommend everyone to join the institute to gain vast knowledge.

  • Darshan Lad

    Excellent experience at a good school to learn

  • Manan

    Worst training

  • Ghale

    We don't love to learn from you

  • Kotak

    They provide excellent training and make it simple to learn. Practical sessions were the focus of all sessions.

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