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StudyportalsIt was born as a result of a few large international study organizations. It was born from frustration and a lack of information about the rapidly-growing number international Master’s programs in Europe. 2007Mastersportal.comIt was a huge success and quickly became a bestseller. Soon after,

We helped 45 million students worldwide to find study programs and make informed choices in 2020. This was through over 200,000 courses offered by 3,750+ educational institutions across 110 countries.

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Last reviews for "Studyportals"
  • Tripathy

    Nice college.

  • Achal Kannake

    The internship was a great experience. It lasted for 2 months. It's a great opportunity for those who want to learn and are interested in the industry.

  • Adwait kharkar

    It has exceeded my expectations. This course is extremely practical, both professionally and personally.

  • Rajesh Sahoo

    We are able to gain more confidence and experience from the faculty.

  • Abhilash Kumar

    It was a poor learning experience. They were motivated to learn and supported throughout the process. Poor learning experience with outstanding teachers and trainers.

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