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The International Career Institute (ICI)

The International Career Institute (ICI) is an independent and private provider of online education.

ICI students are given skills that will change their employment prospects and increase their value to employers. The Institute listens to employers via its strong links to industry.

The Institute currently offers over 50 exciting careers and lifestyle focused courses to a broad range of adult learners regardless of location or prior experience and education.

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Hairdressing DIPLOMA
Course description: The ICI Hairdressing Stylist course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from very successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals. It will enable you to further your skills in an ever-growing profession. This course leads to the awarding of an Executive Diploma. This qualification recognises the graduates capacity for initiative and judgement across a broad range of technical and management functions. Diploma holders typically have personal responsibility and autonomy in performing technical operations or organising others in the workplace.
Course type: Online
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Type of training: Online
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Price: $39 per week
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Last reviews for "The International Career Institute (ICI)"
  • Omega

    Terrible courses, and they still take money for them

  • Genyn

    It was a pleasure to expand my photography knowledge and I especially enjoyed the detailed explanations of camera settings and how they work.

  • Henri

    International Career School was a great school. It was simple to find and submit the material, and any questions I had were quickly answered by experts.

  • Nikita

    International Career School was a great school and I love being a student there. I can't wait for the next semester to take courses I enjoy.

  • Adam

    This is a great option for an online course that includes live sessions.

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